Mont Blanc (Monte Bianco) Trekking Tour

10 days
July September


Ten days (*) around the Mont Blanc, a trek with beautiful and unforgettable scenery.


Duration: 10 days
Activity: trekking
Difficulty: a good physical condition is needed
Maximum height difference: 1300m

General planning:

Day1: Arp Nouva (Courmayeur) 1776 m – Rif. Elena 2054 m
↑ 278m     ↓0m  1h
Day2: Rif. Elena 2054 m – La Fouly 1593 m  
↑500m     ↓1000m     5h
Day3: La Fouly 1593 m – Champex 1466 m  
↑ 0m     ↓130m  4h
Day4: Champex 1466 m – Le Peuty 1326 m  
↑1200m    ↓1350m   7h
Day5: Le Peuty 1326 m – Le Tour 1453 m            
↑860m   ↓740m 6h
Day6: Le Tour 1453 m – La Flégère 1875 m
↑900m   ↓475m 5h
Day7: La Flégère 1875 m – Les Houches 1008 m
↑650m   ↓1500m       6h
Day8: Les Houches 1008 m – Les Contamines/Montjoie 1185 m
↑480m   ↓1100m       5h
Day9: Les Contamines/Montjoie 1185 m – Les Chapieux 1550 m
↑1300m   ↓930m       6h
Day10: Les Chapieux 1550 m – Rif. Elisabetta 2200 m (Courmayeur)
↑ 960m   ↓300m 5h

* changes in length are possible, based on your needs

Best Period: from july to september

Necessary equipment: normal trekking gear; the list with the complete equipment required will be specified at the time of registration

Price per person: 700€

Price includes: Guiding fee and Group equipment; the costs of the guide (shelters, bus, etc.) will be divided among the participants


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